Electric Wall Heaters

Platinum Electric Heater

Bromic Heating – specialists in Electric Wall Heaters

Electric wall heaters are designed for heating areas where space is restricted…

Platinum and Tungsten Smart-Heat electric wall heaters are versatile heating solutions that can be installed indoors or outdoors where space is at a premium. Electric heaters extend the use of your indoor spaces and outdoor entertaining areas.

With increasing affordability, electric heaters are fast growing in popularity for both domestic and commercial venues. Electric wall heaters from Bromic require very little maintenance and are designed specifically to blend into a venue and use minimal space.

Stylish as well as functional, the streamlined design and stainless steel look integrates seamlessly with your interior or outdoor design. Electric wall heaters can be easily mounted unobtrusively on walls, under ceilings and awnings or certain umbrellas.

Contact us and find out how installing our electric wall heaters will increase the value of your venue with all areas utilised all year round. Simply switch on your outdoor heater and transform your outdoor space into an inviting and appealing area.

Bromic Heating offer commercial outdoor heating products with their innovative Tungsten Smart-Heat and Platinum range for outdoor heaters, natural gas heaters and electric heaters. For stylish outdoor propane gas heaters and commercial wall mounted heaters, contact the friendly team at Bromic Heating today. Our innovative products are sold around the world including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.

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