Case Studies

Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern – San Diego

Whilst outdoor patio heaters can often be overlooked in terms of their impact on a business’s bottom line, for the owners of Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern, the decision to install electric radiant heaters from Bromic Heating was made early in the venue’s development, to take full advantage of the restaurant’s unique design and décor. . . Read more

Del Frisco’s Grille – Santa Monica, California

Imagine enjoying a meal inspired by local flavors whilst looking out over a picturesque park that gently meanders down to a classic west coast beach with the Pacific Ocean stretching out into the distance. Now imagine being able to appreciate this amazing vista not just in the warm summer months, but all year round, regardless of the season. . . Read more

The Tea Room – Sydney, Australia

When presented with The Tea Room, a well-known heritage building with a design conscious owner and a business that had a maximum capacity that was almost halved during the winter months, Bromic Heating was able to deliver a unique outdoor heating solution that wowed the owners and their customers alike. . . Read more

Sheraton Carlsbad Resort – Carlsbad, California

The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort is renowned for its Mediterranean architecture, rolling lawns, serene pool and tantalizing restaurant. To ensure guests are privy to the world renowned Sheraton experience, General Manager Chris Draper, ensures all additions to the resort are meticulously researched. And when it came to their outdoor heaters, it was no different.. . .Read more

Palace Hotel – Sydney, Australia

In the competitive hotel market it’s become more important than ever that owners and operators adapt to cater for the full array of patrons and their individual requirements. With this in mind, when it comes to providing a complete outdoor heating solution for any venue, Bromic Heating’s range has proven to be the market leaders in efficient, versatile and design conscious products… . .Read more

The Glenmore – Sydney, Australia

With views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House and a site that has history dating back to the First Fleet, it goes without saying that The Glenmore is an iconic venue. Recently undergoing significant renovations, the building now boasts a trendy, up to date venue with the modern conveniences and décor essential to keep patrons comfortable all year round. . .Read more

W Hotel – Washington D.C.

In a town famous for talking, there was only one thing on the lips of the patron’s at the magnificent W Hotel’s POV terrace bar last winter – the newly installed Smart-Heat heaters from Bromic. “Customers love them,” Director of Bar Concepts, Scott Vollmer says happily. “We remember having a lot of tables ask and inquire about how efficient and cool they looked.”. . . Read more

Cafe Sydney – Circular Quay, Australia

As the elevator doors of Customs House slide open and reveal a light and airy designer interior complimented by a spectacular harbour backdrop, it’s immediately obvious that Café Sydney offers one of the city’s leading dining experiences. For Restaurant Manager Todd Cummins, the “big drawcard” of this experience are the picturesque views of Sydney Harbour.. . . Read more

Lucky Chan – Melbourne, Australia

Lucky Chan is an elegant new traditional-Chinese restaurant, located on the upmarket riverside dining precinct at Crown, Southbank in Melbourne. Before opening a leading interior design firm with a focus on hospitality specified Tungsten Smart-Heat Gas heaters be installed for their stylish good looks, ease of operation and their ability to effectively heat the alfresco terrace. . . . Read more

Snowy Wilderness Resort – Snowy Mountains, Australia

Reliability in the harshest of environments is what Justin Macintosh from the Snowy Wilderness Resort was looking for when he embarked on his search for an efficient and effective heating solution for his function center marquee. Although his search would take him all the way to Canada he eventually found the solution in his own backyard. . . . Read more

Basalt – Auckland, New Zealand

There is something innately appealing about the idea of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city streets to enjoy a refreshing drink and a delicious meal in the afternoon sun or under the night’s sky. The addition of a unique outdoor dining space at Basalt was the key to providing this experience for the establishment.. . . . Read more

Criniti’s – Darling Harbour, Australia

Being a leading restaurant does not only require quality food, but also a quality décor. When Frank Criniti was deciding on a heating solution for Criniti’s in Darling Harbour, he could not go past Bromic’s Platinum Smart-Heat Gas range, as it offered the most innovative and effective heating on the market. . . . Read more

Aquitaine Brasserie – Brisbane, Australia

When creating a breathless dining experience inspired by the South West of France at the picturesque River Quay in South Bank, Brisbane, Nick Pinn, director of the Aquitaine Brasserie, decided on six of Bromic’s new Tungsten Smart-Heat electric models as the perfect solution for the design of his outdoor dining area. . . . Read more

P.F. Chang’s – Irvine, California

When P.F. Chang’s guests are greeted at the entrance to the restaurants by 11 ft. tall horses modeled on originals from the Forbidden City in China, it’s clear they will be getting a unique dining experience. Given this focus on distinctive design coupled with a high energy environment, it’s not surprising then that the owners would want distinctive heating products. . .  Read more

Hurricane’s Grill – Darling Harbour, Australia

Floor space has and always will be one of the most valued assets for a business. Whether it is a restaurant, bar or hotel, maximising floor pace will always be on the agenda. Recently, Hurricane’s Grill installed several Platinum Gas heaters at their picturesque Darling Harbour location in a move to maximise . . . Read more

Fish Restaurant – Auckland, New Zealand

The Fish Restaurant provides a fine-dining experience with breathtaking views of Auckland Harbor in New Zealand. Located within The Hilton Hotel, the restaurant creates a beautiful intimate ambience, enhanced further by their latest outdoor heating solution from Bromic Heating. . . Read more


The Oatley Hotel – Sydney, Australia

Outdoor areas are the backbone of many venues. Ensuring patrons are able to maintain the same level of comfort outside as they would inside is constantly striven for. Oatley Hotel are a great example of this strive, constantly optimising their unique South Sydney location to ensure patrons remain comfortable all year round . . . Read more