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Commercial electric heaters are a viable alternative to gas heaters…

One of the biggest decisions when choosing a Bromic outdoor heater is whether you prefer commercial electric heaters or gas heaters. There is a common misconception electric heating is expensive to run but when overall costs are analysed, it is a viable energy alternative.

In many instances, commercial electric heating is required principally at night and the availability of off-peak electricity tariffs make them more affordable. Electric heating can also be regulated with little or no loss in efficiency.

Commercial electric heaters can be used both indoors and outdoors. They have built-in safety features such as automatic power shut-off switches and can be environmentally-friendly as they do not emit any smoke or fumes and do not require gas bottles to be changed.

Our commercial electric heaters are cost-efficient, quick to install, require little maintenance and take up little space. Contact us and find out more about the benefits of commercial electric heating.

Bromic Heating offer commercial outdoor heating products with their innovative Tungsten Smart-Heat and Platinum range for outdoor heaters, natural gas heaters and electric heaters. For stylish outdoor propane gas heaters and commercial wall mounted heaters, contact the friendly team at Bromic Heating today. Our innovative products are sold around the world including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.

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