Bromic Heating have set the industry benchmark with stylish good looks and world-first innovation.

Bromic Heating was born out of the core technical expertise and commercial capabilities of the Bromic gas and components businesses. Bromic’s experienced engineering and sales teams have enabled the development of market-changing outdoor radiant heating solutions. The business commenced this revolution of outdoor heating with the introduction of the Platinum Smart-HeatTM Gas range in 2007 and since then has expanded the product range to include several other gas and electric outdoor heating options.

In colder outdoor areas, traditional electric element heaters prove ineffective and inefficient as well as traditional gas heaters which remain cumbersome and obtrusive. The Bromic Heating Range provides an innovative and prestigious gas and electric heating solution to our customers by addressing heating efficiency, usability, user comfort and aesthetic appearance.


The Bromic Team

Bromic Heating is a member of the Bromic Group. Bromic Group is a diverse company operating in markets across the globe.

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Bromic Heating offer commercial outdoor heating products with their innovative Tungsten Smart-Heat and Platinum range for outdoor heaters, natural gas heaters and electric heaters. For stylish outdoor propane gas heaters and commercial wall mounted heaters, contact the friendly team at Bromic Heating today. Our innovative products are sold around the world including the UK, US, Russia, France, Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.